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What is a website?

As its name indicates, “site” on “web”. We can put information about any topic, business, or yourself on the website. We can simply say a Website is a collection of web pages, and web pages are those pages that can be accessed through the internet.

To understand it better, let’s explain it with an example, just like human beings make a house for living on land same we create a website on the web (WWW) where our information lives on it. When we make our house we have a unique address for our house, same our website will have a unique address to access it.
The address used to reach a particular website is called a domain.

Kinds of the websites:

There are mainly two kinds of websites, they are static and dynamic websites.

Static Website:

Contents on static websites are the same for every visitor. To create a static website developers mostly use a client-side scripting language, in simple words, we can say HTML CSS JavaScript.

Dynamic website:

Contents on dynamic websites are generated differently from user to user. To create a dynamic website developer use server-side scripting language, in simple words we can say PHP, asp, node, etc. Dynamic websites always use databases. Let’s learn about the dynamic website through an example when a visitor creates an account on Facebook that users will have different content on their feed compared to other users, so each Facebook user will have their own content on the same page.

Hence, the main difference between static and dynamic websites is static website contents are the same for all users and no need for a server to create static pages, while dynamic website contents vary from user to user. To create a dynamic website, a developer must use a server.

Some Types of Dynamic Websites:

  •  eCommerce
  • Affiliate
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Social media
  • Entertainment

Why create a website?

There are many reasons peoples wants to create a website, we can mention a few of them below.

Generate More Money:

Every business owners want to get more customers, if you have more customers than you will have more sales so when you have a website it attracts more customers to your business and that will help to generate more money.

More than 80% of people search for a business or service first before they make a purchase, so if you don’t have a website, then you will be not in a race with the market.

Having a website your business will be open 24 hours and can be accessed from anywhere in the world even if you are sleeping, your business will generate money for you.

People will trust you:

More than 50% of consumers stated that they will not trust a business having no website, so when you have a website for your business people will trust you more and that will help you more earning. The first impression is the last impression having a website makes a great impression with a well-designed introduction for your business.

Cheap and easy:

The non-technical business owner thinks that creating a website will be difficult and will cost you too much, but it’s not true. Creating a website is not that hard and not that much expensive. To create a website, there are much drag and drop tools through that you can create a website in less time and on fewer budgets.

Save time:

A website contains all types of important information about a business like operating hours, email address, phone no, booking, etc., when a consumer needs some info about your business they can get all those important info from your website. Having a website saves your valuable time, and you can spend your time doing more valuable things.

Generate leads:

Having a website can increase the chance of getting leads from your target customers. When someone finds you online, and they are super interested in your services or products, then they will try to get in touch with you. When they reached you, you will get their pieces of information.
When you launch a new service or product, then it will be pretty easy to use their email or phone for marketing purposes. So when you have a website you can generate leads and of course, leads will help you to generate more revenue from your business.


A website is a collection of web pages and a website can be accessed through a domain name. There are mainly two kinds of websites, static and dynamic. Website is important for all types of businesses and a website can save your time and can increase the revenue of your business.

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